Bristol Blenheim – Airfix 1/72 – Modeling – Restoration

I looking for disaster drawer found a few years ago an old model Airfix a Bristol Blenheim a scale 1/72, which was painted with a brush in my early modalism, looking good has a very nice silhouette that resembles an old English lady of those times, for I have decided to restore good, but lacks the propellers and landing gear are pureed will try to come to fruition.

The model in question is the:

Airfix Bristol Blenheim IV 1/72State in which the kit is.

Bristol Blenheim

Brief history of Bristol Bleihem:

Bristol Blenheim

El Bristol Blenheim It was a light bomber British manufacturing, designed and built by Bristol and widely used in the early days of World War II. Later it was used successfully as long-range fighter and night. He was the first British aircraft built entirely of metal.

Searching the box decals decals also found the model for the second version of Free France.

bristol blenheim Calcas france free version

Since I have no instructions to fix the decals the Internet and look for "Voilà" here are:

bristol blenheim instructions airfixI have been happened since I clear that I will not find even able to simulate the propellers, simulate the aircraft is in flight and propellers in motion.

I used transparent Evergreen two circles, for each engine and axles of them I created with plastic.

Transparent plastic sheets Evergreen

To make the circles I used a circular cutting tool.

Circular cutting tool

Tamiya gray primer give a pass to the entire apparatus, before that I have protected the crystals with the viscous liquid "Maskol".

Maskol and bristol blenheim


I tried circles in Bristol to see that this and in my opinion looks good.

Bristol BlenheimBristol Blenheim

Now when paneling comes the black bomber with Tamiya XF-1.

Panelado Bristol Blenheim

Bristol blenheim lower panelingWith the dry paneling we choose the colors for the model and camouflage, Scheme of Free France squad used a hue distinguishes the British air forces, colors to use are, XF-60 and XF-68, started painting the entire apparatus with the XF-60.

Painted Bristol BlenheimOnce dry clay, formed the template for camouflage scheme and proceed to the next color paint with the XF-68 (Brown), before this return to paneling with XF-1 as the next layer of paint disappear completely.

Camouflage scheme Bristol BlenheimCamouflage scheme Bristol BlenheimAirbrush paint for camouflage brown.

Camouflage Bristol BlenheimLet it dry a few hours and proceed to remove the clay, if we see something blurred contours Camouflage, we can strengthen the color with the airbrush. This is the result:camouflage bristol blenheimNow it mask the model to paint the bottom of the airplane with blue sky Tamiya XF-23.

Blurred lower Bristol BlenheimProceed to painted and to dry after removal of the masking tape. And the end result.

Bristol Blenheim lowerWe proceed to apply the decals and as always use the set of liquids Microsol y Microset of Microscale.

Microsol y Microset

Once they have done their work these liquids step to a bygone gloss clear lacquer to protect the decals, unify colors and tones, and prepare for washing.

Varnishing and rubbings Bristol BlenheimVarnishing and lower rubbings Bristol BlenheimI've also got a perfect base for this kind of scale.

Base Bristol Blenheim

After a few hours of drying I gave her a wash in black from Flory Models. I assembled the pieces and the base to see how it is coming along.

Wash Bristol Blenheim

washed Bristol Blenheim

Mount Bristol BlenheimCONTINUARA….

Armand C.M.