German Entwicklungsfahrzeug E 25 trumpeter 1:35 – Modeling

El And Entwicklungsfahrzeug 25 is a so-called "Paper Panzers", very similar to car hunting hetzer, one of the designs that I like German tanks and therefore buy this great kit.

Este es el kit en cuestión:Development Vehicle e25 Trumpeter 1/35

The scale Kit 1:35 is sold by Trumpeter which to me is one of the best brands for quality in plastics and great detail. This kit takes about photoetched for fenders and engine vents. It also has two options for drive system chains, one in all one piece rubber and another in loose links of rigid plastic.

A little history on Entwicklungsfahrzeug E 25:Development Vehicle e25

For who call themselves "Paper Panzers", as simple, according to some studies there never was a prototype was manufactured or, only known to the by simple sketches. There were stories of a prototype almost finished before the war ended, but there is no real evidence that this is true. Most of this information is based on the little information that is available and is mostly a guess.

El Development Vehicle And 25 having the appearance of a Hetzer was designed to replace Jagdpanzer IV, Panzer III/IV (Sturmgeschutz / Panzerjager) and was prepared to be armed with the same weapon the L / 70 7.5 cm Jagdpanzer IV, etc. Must have a durable shield 1000 mm diameter steel, each suspension unit mounted outside the town but all these details could have been different if the vehicle had seen the light.


Forgive but technical problems of photography I could hang pictures mount kit and begin the process of painting and some advanced.

For E25 I decided to recreate a camouflage scheme 3 colores, a typical used in many German armored.

After assembly and having placed the photoetched and gray primer before painting process and be allowed to dry this, some 24 hours, I started with the base color dark yellow Tamiya XF-60.

Then freehand with xerógrafo, in this case I have not used any template brown print the XF-68 (Nato brown) then do the same with olive XF-74 (Olive draft).

The camouflage scheme ended E25:E25 Entwicklungsfahrzeug camouflage scheme

E25 Entwicklungsfahrzeug camouflage scheme E25 Entwicklungsfahrzeug camouflage scheme E25 Entwicklungsfahrzeug camouflage schemeThe next step after a good drying is create some descorches with the brush, I apply primer first XF-60 and these color speckles then apply a steel gray points XF-56 (Metallic grey) to simulate bare steel or reddish brown XF-64 (Red brown) to simulate the rusty steel.

Thereupon I paint every detail of the tools, accessories like antenna etc.

Next step we apply the decals, in this kit we will not waste much time on this as it only takes logos and numbering Truck.Development Vehicle e25 Development Vehicle e25 Development Vehicle e25 Development Vehicle e25Paint the exhaust with various shades of brown and some black matte.

E25 Entwicklungsfahrzeug painting the exhaust pipeE25 Entwicklungsfahrzeug painting the exhaust pipe

The next step is to protect everything with an old-gloss varnish then apply some washes oils.

For these washes I used oils, white, black and sienna.Development Vehicle e25 Moltres con oleos Development Vehicle e25 Moltres con oleosThis is the final result after a prudent period of drying oils.Development Vehicle e25 Moltres con oleos Development Vehicle e25 Moltres con oleos Development Vehicle e25 Development Vehicle e25 Development Vehicle e25We started with the chain links to the drive system.IMEntwicklungsfahrzeug e25 Development Vehicle e25 Brown using a base for chains, print them and let dry before to put them in the car hunt.

Development Vehicle e25 The kit to 90% finished, now it's age the drive system and put the finishing touches to E25.

Development Vehicle e25Development Vehicle e25


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