Panzer sturmgeschütz IV sdkfz 163 Revell 1:72 – Modeling

Today I've been through a hobby shop to buy some paintings and watching the assortment of model on the shelf I saw a Revell kit which was on sale for a ridiculous price, Well in the end it has come home. The kit in question is the car chase Sturmgeschütz IV the Stug IV assault cannon or better known as car after hunting Panzer IV chassis brand Revell and a scale 1:72, Once home I have opened and the truth although the level of detail is not bad many pieces not recreate the original carriage, for example small wheels undercarriage nose latches do not exist and in many ways is a pretty bad kit, but good for the price that I have acquired no reproaches.

El kit en cuestión:20150308_112450

A little history on Sturmgeschütz IV:


El Sturmgeschütz IV (Sd.Kfz. 167) the StuG IV, It was in its infancy assault cannon used during the Second World War by the German army, then become best known as an effective tank destroyer.


Because the demand for assault guns, the StuG IV was formed from a combination of the carriage structure of StuG III assault and slightly modified Panzer IV chassis. It began to occur from December 1943 by the firm Krupp and were built around 1100 unidades. They used the chassis of Panzer IV because Krupp did not build the StuG III.

The StuG IV became known as a very effective tank destroyer, especially on the Eastern Front. It had a maximum space for four crew, and it is mainly supplied to the infantry divisions.

Production history
Manufacturer Krupp-Gruson AG
Produced 1943-1945
Quantity produced 1108 + 31
Weight 23 t
Length 6,7 m
Width 2,95 m
Height 2,20 m
Crew 4
Shield 10–80 mm
Primary weapon 1x 7,5 cm KwK 40
63 shells
Secondary Weapon 1x Machine Gun 34
600 cartridges
Motor V12 Maybach HL 120 TRM
300 CV
Maximum speed 40 km/h
Autonomy 210 km



The assembly and painting:

Assembly is simple as can be seen by the few pieces bearing the kit.20150308_112616 20150308_131325 20150308_131330Once all glued to lack of parts that necessarily have to stop without hitting to paint parts kit, is the hole in the muzzle because this does not lead him a little bit.

Step into the primer gray Vallejo.20150425_11502020150425_11505020150426_175932Once dry, the primer, I used a dark color like khaki Tamiya XF-49 , then will clarify with dark yellow Tamiya XF-60.storm protected IV - base colorPinto also the two lateral protection plates and had to camouflage scheme.

The scheme I decided to recreate the cover of the box and have used it apart from dark yellow basis, el Nato brown Tamiya XF- 68 and Verde Nato de tamiya XF- 67.

20150425_114523Painted camouflage scheme Stug IV, step paint brush tools details, MG machine gun etc. Tamiya colors used XF-1 black , Nato Brown XF- 68 for MG and Color Metallic gray XF- 56 for tools.

20150425_114536Apply a descorches based and brown with fine brush.

20150425_115016Camouflage paint scheme on the protective side plates using the same colors of the tank.

20150425_12261820150425_123517Add some descorches technique using the fine brush and sponge with dark yellow base color.

20150426_175846Paint the base color chains undercarriage Colored Red Brown Tamiya XF- 64.

20150426_175920Apply several passes glossy varnish Tamiya XF-22 all to protect the paint job and then apply the decals, this will allow the transparent bands these are best fade into the paint.

20150426_190054Once thoroughly dry the layers of gloss varnish step to place the decals with the specific placement liquids Microsol y Microset.

20150426_191810 20150426_191754 20150426_191759Add chains undercarriage, another martyrdom not as fit to 100% on the sprockets, but in the end I could hide a bit.20150428_205452 20150428_212516 20150428_212530Once the chassis mounted, step paneling, I tried several products but has worked best for me such small scales is the Oil highly diluted with turpentine or other products such as "White Spirit" from AK-Interactive.

I use for paneling dark brown better than the black.

20150429_072357With a fine brush I'm adding the diluted oil between the recesses and connecting lines kit.

20150429_07240620150429_074116 20150429_072425Let it dry a few hours and with a swab soaked ears with White Spirit AK-Interactive I removed the excess.

20150429_074015 20150429_074025 20150429_074059 20150429_074144Pigments work with the exhaust pipe, I have used colors are red and black.

20150429_074137After a few days to dry the oil used for paneling, We turn to other aging techniques as are the oils that can simulate fine dirt and dust chorretones, rust and other.

In this case I used Oleos de color siena, white y black to simulate dirt.20150429_191138Being a very small model small dots applied with a fine brush.20150429_191142Once the points distributed over the surface with a flat brush slightly soaked in white spirit or turpentine AK-Interactive, rub vertically down repeatedly until the oil blend in as many vertical lines, until the desired effect.20150429_19150720150430_075054The effect is visible once the liquid evaporates.

20150429_194720I apply the same technique with oils to the entire panzer, chain drives the deal with a brown wash Brand AK-Interactive called "Track Wash".

20150430_07500320150430_075044 20150429_194549 20150429_194628With the airbrush and dark very dilute mixture of yellow Tamiya XF-60, applied in the lower parts of the shield and the side plates of additional protection to simulate dust accumulated panzer.

20150430_074912 20150430_074849In the skirts also apply a little with the airbrush.

20150430_074902 After the process of chorretones with oil and dirt, step varnishing entire model satin varnish Vallejo Model Air, I give many runs until remove 90% Brightness, with even without drying oils 100% will be difficult to eliminate glare from east to spend several days'll wait to complete the panzer.

20150430_074927 20150430_074948 20150430_075016It's almost ready, He happened to hit the plates of protection to its side supports.

20150430_074832A dry oil applied once past the last of calendered varnish to finish removing all the shine of the model and bring an end to the panzer.


Autor Armando C.M.