S.Gl.Einheits Cars Horch 4×4 Type 1A Tamiya 1:35 – Modeling

One of the Tamiya kits is the first generation "S.Gl.Einheits Cars Horch 4×4 Type 1a"A vehicle used at the beginning of World War II by the Germans both the Heer, Luftwaffe o SS, as all-terrain vehicle. In the market there are kits from other manufacturers of this vehicle 4×4, but Tamiya is cheap and assembly is easy and enjoyable, with a little skill you can get a good job, I chose the kit de Tamiya For this very, scale kit 1:35 which can be found in stores for about 16 €, this relatively well for a scale 1:35 and brand Tamiya, even an old mold.

The Tamiya kit in question:

Holch 4x4 Type IA

A little history about the Horch 4×4 Type 1A:

Holch 4x4 Type IA de las SS Leibstandarte Adolf HitlerEl Horch 108 was one of the many models of light trucks 4×4 who used the Wehrmacht in their divisions and were present in all theaters of operations. Within the family of Horch we can find several variants, Type A, b, 1a, 40, etc. however the vehicles received another designation according to their employment within his military life.

Among them:

Automotive 15 - General-purpose vehicle.
Automotive 17 - Ambulance.
Automotive 31 - Command vehicle and Radio.
Automotive 18 - Transport 8 seating.
Automotive 21 - Kommandeurwagen to transport commands and official.
fcc 23 - Vehicle engineers.
Automotive 70 - Vehicle transport of light artillery.
Automotive 81 - Vehicle armed with flak Flak Cannon 38 de 20 mm.

Basic variants:

Horch 108 Typ a/b - Initial production model, 1937-38
Horch 108 Typ 1a/1b, Ford, nor, EGb and Egd models manufactured between 1939 y 1940
Horch 108 Type 40 and Ford EG40 - Models manufactured between 1940 y 1942

The basic versions differed from each other in design, chassis and other minor details such as the location of spare parts, the Typ 40 does not carry the spare wheel embedded in the side of the vehicle. Provided a vehicle engine Steyr 3.517 c.c. gasoline that developed a power of 85 hp. He did not have any armor and could reach a top speed 90 Km / h with a range of 400 Km. Reach the set 2.485 Kg and had no weapons but many of them were fitted with mountings for a machine gun MG 34 de 7,92 mm.

Between 1937 y 1942 were manufactured more 10.000 vehicles between Horch and Ford located in Germany with a turnover 1.911 vehicles.

Be it the kit contents, as we can see small parts are minimal and the detail is quite acceptable.

horch 4x4 Type 1a tamiya 1:35 horch 4x4 Type 1a tamiya 1:35 This kit comes with decals for two versions, European and African theater (DAK).

This time I will choose a vehicle without camouflage and the German gray paint that almost all vehicles of the German army was painted in the early war.

For this purpose I will change colors Tamiya Model Air de Vallejo, color to use this brand "German Grey"Reference number 71.052.

Before the first coat of paint, apply a coat of gray primer spray Vallejo.

2014-10-11 14.36.37 A good looks dry the primer, apply the lights with a lighter gray color based, color obtained from the mixture of the colors gray and white German (71.001) the same brand to share 20% white 80% gray.

2014-10-11 14.36.43 2014-10-11 14.37.19 2014-10-11 14.37.25 The next step is to paint with black tires, This time I use paints Tamiya XF-1, and for the other wheel as brown, shovel handle, butt of the MG34 and ropes to the canopy.

2014-10-13 19.20.32Par awning I used a lighter brown and grayish silver leaf blade, Body of MG 34 I mixed the color silver with black.

2014-10-13 19.20.40 2014-10-13 19.20.50I finish painting the seats brown failing to apply some lights.2015-01-05 07.31.19Once dry the entire paint job I apply the decals with liquids for this process and let it dry and then varnishing and protect.

2015-01-05 07.30.30Protejo los cristales con maskol.

2015-01-05 07.31.00Creo unos descorches y desgaste en la pintura con un gris claro de Tamiya XF-66 y utilizando la técnica de la esponja.

20150425_142556We refinish the entire vehicle with gloss varnish and step washing and aging.

I begin by darkening the recesses wheels with a dark brown wash and then step to imitate the accumulated dust on the tires with a desert land and then washed clean excess.

20151013_075338 20151013_075348Brown oil diluted with white spirit mess in the recesses of the vehicle.20151014_075651 20151014_075608 20151014_075627 20151014_075637I return to give another pass with darker brown oil to all the nooks and vehicle together to highlight the cracks etc. 20151015_073734 20151015_073745 20151015_073803 20151015_073819 I have also done a wash with very diluted dark brown on the hood folding fabric.20151015_073831Another wash applied highly diluted with the same shade of color on the floor inside the vehicle.20151015_073844Step to the finishing touches, the lower parts of the vehicle and fouled the same, I use for it acrylic paints, washes y pigments.

To give you a little more reality I have added a brass chain on the front bumper, which I have dealt with a base of dark brown paint and then with pigmentos light y medium Rust de AK-Interactive.


The exhaust pipe've done with the same technique as the chain on the front of the vehicle. Dirt or dust have simulated the low, first with an old paint something diluted yellow desert XF-59 de Tamiya de forma irregular, I used after washing with the same color ready for the brand AK-Interactive which have been implemented in all the nooks and flats on the low, Once dry I have been diluted and spreading with a brush moistened with planto White Spirit, it can also serve turpentine odorless. Finally I dusted with colored pigments North Africa dust de AK-Interactive, removing excess with a small dry brush.


The low side, front and rear of the vehicle I used the same technique as in the underbody adding small chorretones faded brown created with oils and then with a flat brush dipped in turpentine or white spirits I have been diluted down.

20151017_212750 20151017_212659

For dirt from the interior I have also used the technique of low exactly without adding any other color or pigment.


For my taste the vehicle is finished, later I will add to your driver.


Autor Armand C.M