Sherman M4A2 76MM “wet” Sherman Italeri – Modeling


A little history about Sherman M4A2:

Hull configuration M4A2 Welding was, approved in December 1941, and it was equipped with a GM engine 6-71 Diesel. Protection of transmission was three pieces screwed. Periscopes available for viewing driver and front passenger, located on the front of the vehicle. The suspension was provided by the system YN (Vertical Volute Spring Suspension). Both the hull and the tower welder safety plates to protect the crew and the stored ammunition. This version of the Sherman was armed with a gun M3 75 mm, mantelete with the M4A1 version and a 12.7 mm coaxial machine gun. From June 1944 Canyon 75 mm was replaced by the more powerful M1A2 of 76 mm mounted on a T26 or T23 turret. At year's end the suspension was also changed, being replaced by horizontal HVSS (Horizontal Volute Spring Suspension) M4A2 (76) HVSS.

This version of the Sherman was used for export, especially Britain and Russia, All versions. some of them were also sent to the Marine units since its engine was not much appreciated by Army units.

Assembly and painting:



Autor Armand C.M.