German U-Boat U99 Revell 1/125 – Modeling

Continuing work on German submarine kits, some time do work with kit Revell a scale 1:125 the famous German U-Boat U-99 commanded by Otto Kretschmer. This kit is no longer manufactured but is still available at a store or second hand. My idea is to restore this kit and take it to a slightly more acceptable paneled detail and their manufacturing are nonexistent and is bad enough to be a rather large scale.

The kit in question for sale:


The kit made by me and painted a while ago and its base is the:

2013-01-30 07.09.46

A little history on U-Boat U-99 type VIIB:


El German submarine U-99 era un Submarino Tipo de CARRIES Kriegsmarine of Nazi Germany during World War II. This was launched on 31 March 1939 Kiel in as number Germaniawerft 593.

The U-99 exits war patrol 12 March 1940 under the command of Lieutenant Commander Otto Kretschmer and was assigned to the 7th Fleet submarines based in Kiel and later at St. Nazaire.

The U-99 was one of the most successful German submarines in World War II, sinking 38 ships with a total tonnage of 244.658 t. gross register Allied, result obtained in eight patrols, This damaged five ships and took a boat as war booty.

herradura-u99Your logo, a golden horseshoe.

otto1 Su comandante Otto Kretschmer



To remove paint I used a combination of "Forza clean ovens" and a few hours in a water bath with caustic soda, All this must be done with protective gloves because the products used are corrosive and toxic.

After removing all the paint frame with permanent marker where lines should go welds paneling as this kit is null in detail and this will give a little life flat profile kit that comes factory.


Original view of the surface of the submarine, as can be seen 0 Details.



For I have used plastic paneling stretched extracted from the staples of other models, heating with a lighter and stretching until the desired diameter, once dry I cut and pasted one end and on all lines, to allow time for drying and can stretch without loosening the head end.


Once the ends glued, I begin to glue the entire strip.


Task completed entire surface paneling, start preparing the model for painting, drains holes were already made in its first assembly. Vallejo printing with gray primer, but lately I've had the odd hiccup with this product.


The next step once the primer is added dried cables, use copper wire, can be extracted from any electric cable.

20150312_132603 20150312_142943

The next step, paint the darker base color, Bluish gray Vallejo Model Air ref. 71115 (Ral 7016).


To simulate the wear and corrosion in case I make a mixture of bluish gray with white a proportion 50 a 50% and I apply vertical stripes on the lower hull.


Once dry basis, taped and painted the top of the sides and colored tower Light gray ref. 71050 Model Air Vallejo. The cover is painted the same blue-gray helmet.


Add to stretched plastic cable guard gun and paint the same, and saves lives and the top of the breakwater tower bluish gray hull.

Pinto also golden horseshoes, the starboard and port lights and anchor.


The next step once dry all the previous work is the aging of the submarine, I apply airbrush rust spots due to the corrosion, for this I use a color nato matt brown, this time Tamiya XF-68 with reference.

20150313_101235 20150313_101306

For descorchones I use brown but this time with a brush.
To work better and not have to much fondling the piece I prepare to add the base.


To join the U-Boot and the base I use copper pipe-diameter, with holes in the top and attached with white glue the submarine is fixed to its base and ready for the next process.

IMG-20150313-WA0000 20150313_195153

For the process of washing oil, printing with bright clear paint Tamiya X-22 all submarine and let dry, once dry with a mixture of turpentine and oil dark brown shoulder all paneling and crannies of U-99.

I also add some chorretones drains and top.

20150314_114350 20150314_114410
Now let dry to continue with the following steps.

20150316_114352 20150316_114434


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