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Following submarines, another interesting if somewhat pricey for the size kit and spare wearing this little submarine that was built before the Second World War and was used for training troops and officers of German submarine weapon (Navy), this small U-Boot also participated in missions during the war, I mean the type IIB, kit de Revell a escala 1:144 the little brother of the other kits of the same brand and same type VIIC scale and Atlantic variant VIIC / 41 being. At a cost of between 18 20 € this is poor in parts and very easy to assemble although the details are well, is panelado en positive, also incorporates a plastic base with supports for display model.

El kit en cuestión:


A little history about the U-Boot Type IIB: The 9_IWM_HU_1012

El U-Boot (Submarine) Type II was designed by Germany as a submarine coast, following the model of the submarine CV-707, which was designed by the Dutch fictitious company NV Ingenieurskantoor voor Scheepsbouw den Haag (IVS) (established by Germany after World War I in order to maintain and develop the German submarine technology and circumvent the limitations established by the Treaty of Versailles) and built-in 1933 by the shipyard Crichton – Vulcan Finnish Turku, Finland. It was too small to conduct sustained operations away from support facilities in the country. Its main function was to training schools, preparation of new German naval officers for command. He appeared in four subtypes.

El Type IIB It was an elongated version of the Type IIA. Three additional compartments amidships which were equipped with additional diesel tanks below the control room were inserted. Was increased to 1.800 nautical miles 12 knots. Immersion time is also improved to 30 seconds.

German Werke AG, Kiel, built four types IIBs in 1935 y 1936, Germaniawerft AG, Kiel, built fourteen 1935 y 1936, Flender Werke AG y, de Lübeck, built two between 1938 y 1940, totaling twenty constructed.

List of submarines type IIB.

Had 20 Submarines of the type IIB: U-7 and U-8, U-9, U-10, U-11, U-12, U-13, U-14, U-15, U-16, U-17, U-18, U 19, U-20, U-21, U-22, U-23, U-24, U-120, U-121V8OIUl

Leads kit contents corresponding parts to assemble two variants of this small base including underwater and stands for submersible, a sheet of decals and a bit of black yarn for cables.12-hn-ma-revell-type-iib-german-submarine-1-144 image337

I start with the assembly, U-23 elejida version of the Kriegsmarine.U-Boot type IIB u-23

First I'm going with the base and supports.2015-01-14 07.33.45

Then with the interior panels and fuselage.2015-01-14 07.35.05 And finally the tower that I choose is the version for the U-23. 2015-01-14 07.34.14When gluing the pieces I see will be missing some putty and sanding. 2015-01-14 07.34.24 2015-01-14 07.34.34 2015-01-14 07.34.47After the process of putty and sanding, paste the missing pieces and had a gray primer, for me is the best color for primer.2015-01-18 16.24.29 2015-01-18 16.24.13I start with the painting process, first with the roof of the tower, for this I use colors of Vallejo Model Air, light gray (ref. 71050) for bases and upper periscope, silver (ref. 71063) for periscope masts and dark bluish gray (ref. 71115 , RAL 7016) to the base housing.

2015-01-24 10.52.26For the base of the submarine and blue decks I use Vallejo Model Air Grey ref. 71115 (Ral 7016).

2015-01-24 10.52.53To simulate the wear and corrosion in case I make a mixture of bluish gray with white a proportion 50 a 50% and I apply vertical stripes on the lower hull.

2015-01-24 11.47.23Once finished, dry mask out the top of the helmet to apply the color Light gray ref. 71050 Model Air de Vallejo.

2015-01-24 11.58.02 Same process on top for corrosion, lights and wear, mixing light gray base color with white to 50% everyone.

2015-01-24 17.52.15I hope some time to work is completely dry and paint the details of the submarine, as the lifejacket, lights starboard and port, propellers, etc.

2015-01-24 18.28.17 2015-01-24 18.28.27Then I apply airbrush rust spots due to the corrosion, for this I use a brown matte born, this time with reference Tamiya XF-68.

2015-01-24 19.02.42 2015-01-24 19.02.56With a brush and brown it descorches I apply some rust on the stains with airbrush.

Step then has prepared black color hull holes which serve as inlet and outlet water ballast tanks and once all dry I apply a coat of Tamiya gloss varnish and then applying decals.

2015-01-26 07.46.08A dry once the glossy varnish applied the decals with products for adherence Microsol and Microset.

2015-01-25 14.20.142015-01-25 14.20.53Attached decals and well dried apply another coat of glossy varnish to protect and prepare a washed-based oils and turpentine to apply on the deck and hull lines, and crannies of the tower etc.2015-01-25 14.20.372015-01-25 14.21.16

2015-01-25 14.20.242015-01-26 07.45.53Let it dry all a few days before returning to the aging process.

2015-01-26 07.45.40Add a chorretones in the drain holes submarine with toasted sienna oils and blurring with turpentine.

20150213_074513 20150213_074522To create the antenna cables extracted I use copper wire electrical cables and connections to the fixed solder and tin.


The model I stick with Loctite since it is faster drying, then give a bygone gray primer before applying the final color.

20150213_074610 20150213_074552

Step golden painting two feet to be subject to the submarine in its base, Once dried I varnish it with gloss varnish and let dry.


Once you have added the rear cables and painted, step to varnish the whole submarine with satin varnish. The scrap plastic base and step to find a nice wooden stand glistening do better underwater, heretofore the submarine is at 99% the absence of adding the war flag of the Kriegsmarine.


For this project I asked a pedestal as.


Once varnished add the two hooks for the submarine that came with the kit, and immediately engaging the U-23.


The base is designed to house one of the decorations that commanders were given U-Boot, to make a more attractive composition failing to add the numbers and type of submarine.

Is award is a good quality replica of the original and is available in stores historical reenactment at a price of about 13 € + shipping.


After adding the decoration we only need the numbers and type of submarine which have to study so that it is best.



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