Willys MB jeep con-trailer Italeri 1:35 – Modeling

One of the most popular vehicles of the Second World War on the side of the Allies is certainly the Jeep Willys, in the market there are an endless number of kits of this famous road that I operate in every conflict from WWII, I chose kit Italeri a escala 1:35, which can be found online stores for about 12 € and is relatively well because it comes with trailer and three figures, the downside after assembly is its scale seems to be having a great difference in other brands like Tamiya.

Italeri kit in question:

A little history about the Jeep Willys:JeepKembleTROWBRIDGE2

While Bantam was the small Pennsylvania company that developed the first prototype, The army encouraged Ford Motor Company and Willys-Overland Motors to submit yours based on the Bantam. The prototype Bantam was less cost, while Willys was the most potent, and Ford which had greater driving comfort (gear shift, seats etc.).

They differ in small details being most known for his calender Willys feature with integrated fog and flat bonnet. The final model had folding windshield, capacity (in principle) for five occupants, doors lacked, was discovered, but provided a hood and security tapes in the door.

Thanks to its agility, versatility, traction on muddy terrain, swamp, or icy, robustness and resistance to the worst weather conditions, had multiple uses. He served as an ambulance, as command car and exploration with a Browning machine gun in the rear box, in support of rocket launchers and mortars, for towing artillery pieces, and British SAS used it in place of their initial trucks in North Africa and later in France and assault vehicle to attack bases and convoys arming with anti-aircraft guns. Their benefits were higher than its German counterpart Kübelwagen Type 82.


Kit contents Willy MB Jeep with trailer Italeri: 100_4834 100_4833 100_4835Installation is a little complicated, even a large scale is very small pieces, the joints and the details are pretty good, passed directly to phase paint.

The first model clean dust and dirt to give a bygone Spray primer Vallejo gray color to all parts assembled and unassembled.

2013-11-30 16.36.02The next step is to paint the base color and then apply the lights, color is used as a base XF-74 Olive Drab Tamiya and lighting a mixture of the same color with some white (XF-74 : 80% + XF-2 : 20%), apply to the entire vehicle and trailer and other loose parts.

2013-12-04 07.27.282013-12-04 07.27.452014-08-17 02.25.09 2013-12-04 07.27.34 2013-12-04 07.27.50 After applying the base color and lights to the wheels and let dry with XF-1 Black matte apply to tires, radio antenna and other parts requiring that color, for tires since the paint is sprayed with airbrush, I think a round template to the rim and so I will be more comfortable and black paint does not invade this area.

2014-08-17 02.23.40 The next step, the descorches, for this I use a brush and two colors XF-60 Dark Blue for degradation and XF-64 Reddish brown to rust, in other models I have used other shades depending on the base color or size of the descorches.

After creating descorches, apply a gloss varnish layer to the entire model to continue with the decals which apply to liquid for it, then back to varnish the vehicle to protect all.

2014-08-17 02.24.20 2014-08-17 02.24.31 2014-08-17 02.24.38 2014-08-17 04.27.55 This kit does not bear the riser bar, widely used after the Normandy landings to avoid the Germans tripwires, this bar I've made using fine Evergreen.

2014-08-17 04.28.032014-08-17 12.23.14It is time washes, filters and enguarrado, with a dark green wash I apply to the entire vehicle.

2014-08-17 11.44.31To paint the engine I used Humbrol silver and matte black Tamiya, for steering a brown tone Tamiya.

2014-08-17 11.44.21Then dry with a dry cloth or paper towel, being careful not to leave any paper.

2014-08-17 12.23.062014-08-17 04.28.13With a product that simulates powder applied to the tires of Willys.

2014-08-17 04.27.452014-08-17 04.29.08 2014-08-17 04.29.13 For seats, conductor, passenger and rear I used two shades of brown base and a lighter brown base with mixing some white.

2014-08-17 13.43.13Now with earth tones applied by low before working with pigments, colores utilizados XF-52 Flat Earth y XF-59 Desert Bellow.

2014-08-17 14.36.31I also applied to the underside of the vehicle combined with various shades of pigments, as a land of various shades.

The vehicle hit some missing pieces as, deck, shovel and a bag before applying pigments.

2014-08-18 14.17.14 2014-08-18 14.17.23 2014-08-18 14.28.15 2014-08-18 14.28.22The same process for the trailer.

2014-08-18 14.28.33 Last few days to make it all dry well, apply a coat of matte varnish to the entire vehicle to eliminate some glitter, and this is the final result.

2014-08-19 15.00.39 2014-08-19 15.00.57 * By the way back is also within the kit.

2014-08-19 15.01.17Una vez todo bien seco doy por finalizado el kit.


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