Airbrushes - Tools for modeling.

airbrush AB200What is Airbrush?

El airbrush is a pneumatic device that generates a fine mist of paint, dye or protective coating of varying diameters and which serves to coat surfaces generally small artistic purposes or industrial.

It may consist of an atomizer with pencil to apply the spray in great detail, as required shading drawings and retouching, and also a container with the material sprinkled; in return, a spray gun is similar tool, but is normally used for working with large surfaces.



Single Action

BD158 3The terms <<simple action>> y <<Double action>> refer to the function of the lever. An airbrush single action is one in which the lever only controls the air supply. The simplest models work this way, and the paint is controlled at a different point. Most such aeógrafos are fed by suction.

Double independent action

aerografo-iwata-neo-of-gravity-double-action-cn-4466-F-MLM4910443568_082013In a separate action airbrush dual lever controls the flow of air and paint separately. Airbrushes of this type can be fed by gravity or suction; This system allows the operator maximum control over paragraph, and with it the most versatile and advanced models work.



Double action sets

In this system the lever controls the flow of air and paint, but both are always in a fixed ratio. It is easier for the beginner, but less versatile. Just as a car with automatic transmission can be limiting.


The turbo


This type of airbrush is the only one who works on the principle of Bernoulli and is ideal for very fine detail work. Air, actually, It goes two ways: first drives a turbine to 20.000 rpm, connecting an arm that pushes the needle back and forth very quickly. And also turns a corner and exits through a conventional nozzle.


Parts of a double action airbrush.