I 4,7cm Pak Panzerjager Italeri 1:72 – Modeling

El 4.7 cm PaK (t) (Sf) on Panzerkampfwagen I Ausf. B It is the first German car chase, was a modification on the chassis of Panzer I, which was to replace your turret with two machine guns for cannon 47 mm PAK, Italeri kit has a scale 1:72 This Panzerjäger I (Hunting cars) which is something tiny compared to his future brothers of the same scale. Italeri is another of my brand acquisition, has good finishes and kits are easy to find at any store or Internet modalism.

This is the image of the Italeri kit box:

I 4,7cm Pak Panzerjager Italeri 1:72

Quick History of Panzerjager I 4,7cm Pak:Panzerjager I - Cañon Pak 4,7cm

El Panzerjäger I (literally, Hunter tanks German) It was the first designs Panzerjäger for German tank destroyer during World War II. It was based on the chassis of Panzer I Ausf. B and rode a antitank gun Škoda PaK L / 43 de 47 mm. The Panzerjäger provided a cheap and effective solution to combat enemy tanks, French and British first and then Soviet, and served to increase the life of obsolete Panzer I. The official name of Panzerjäger was 4.7cm Pak(t) (Sf) on Panzerkampfwagen I. The (t) It is short for “Czech” -“Czech” German”- y (SF) of “Selbstfahrlafette” (transport propelled cannon); i.e.: antitank cannon Czechoslovak 4,7 cm. mounted on the chassis of Pz. I.

As in most tank destroyers, the crew was very exposed, as their only protection came from the front shield gun; Canyon, further, had very limited transverse spin. Became 202 Panzer I a Panzerjäger I, 132 of them and the remaining Alkett 70 by Škoda. Versions of Škoda had a shield with seven sides, while Alkett had five.

The Panzerjäger I first fought in the Battle of France, and continued in North Africa and the Eastern Front. When they were replaced in front for better self-propelled guns in 1943, the Panzerjäger I were relegated to secondary tasks such operations against partisans in the Balkans.

Pair this kit have decided to make a color scheme for the European theater and we all know the main color of German tanks in early war was the German gray, well then let's get down to work and started the assembly of this car chase.PANZERJAGER I PAK 4.7 Italeri cm mounting PANZERJAGER I PAK 4.7 Italeri cm mountingThe hardest thing I found in the assembly is having to work with very small pieces, but with tweezers work becomes more bearable.

We started with the painting process as always follows the same steps, gray primer and then give the first rows of the base color as we said would be the German gray Tamiya XF-63.

Priming the base color:PANZERJAGER I PAK 4.7 cm italeri pintura base Once completely dry the coat of primer, mix a little white paint to lighten the color and to create some light on the plates of the panzer always using the airbrush. PANZERJAGER I PAK 4.7 Italeri cm lights painting After allowing a few hours to dry began with a brush to paint the pieces and details of carriage, as dragline, exhaust and tools. PANZERJAGER I PAK 4.7 cm italeri pintura PANZERJAGER I PAK 4.7 cm italeri pinturaNow for the decals and as always clean and prepare the surface with special fluids decals Micro Sol y Micro Set, which applied with a small brush and we put the decals slowly pushing them with the brush or helping with tweezers but very slowly to avoid breaking. PANZERJAGER I PAK 4.7 cm Italeri decals PANZERJAGER I PAK 4.7 cm Italeri decals We take for mounting the drive system chains which have painted with metallic gray XF-56 and allowed to dry before final assembly in the car.PANZERJAGER I PAK 4.7 cm Italeri decalsOnce everything is dry give it a few old-gloss varnish to protect the entire paint job and decals, then start with aging, I use to do some washing techniques and descorches those performed with a piece of sponge and a brown matte reddish XF-64 Tamiya. Washing've prepared with black color Vallejo highly diluted with water and applied with a brush throughout the armored then remove excess with a stick and cotton.

For the drive system washings are highly diluted in water brown tones.

Let dry for a few days and finally give a matt varnish passes the entire model to eliminate glare.

This is the final result.

PANZERJAGER I PAK 4.7 cm Italeri completedPanzerjager I – 4,7cm Pak – Italeri 1:72


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